The chairman of the yellow and red club, Mustafa Cengiz, said he has not yet made a decision about whether he will be a presidential candidate in the extraordinarily elected general assembly. Mustafa Cengiz made statements to the press after the meeting of the Clubs Association Foundation.

Here are the statements of Mustafa Cengiz;

As the Board of Directors decided to hold the elections on December 19-26, Mustafa Cengiz “Of course, we were going to hold a press conference and give the documents. We worked hard. After Istanbul, he went to Ankara. Ankara examined it in large numbers. We were officially informed that meetings with attendance would not be allowed. But it is very interesting that there were some who did not even believe it. We asked about the supervisory board if he is on duty. We received an official written response about this, that the court process should be waited. The report was not even read and a huge by-law violation was committed. We are tired of these release traps in the process “.

“No decision has been made yet!”

As for the question of whether he will be a candidate again for the yellow and red club, Mustafa Cengiz “Let me say this about whether I will be a candidate. Since May 7, nobody has asked me about my health in such official environments. ‘What is your situation?’ I do not say for reproach, quite natural. If you are sick, what are you doing here anyway. If you are going to serve, you will be healthy. My process is progressing well now, but no one can determine when the deed will be due. This seems absurd when you look at it from the outside. I am neither in a position to fight, nor will I enter politics nor do I have a situation to evaluate it commercially. I am already a civil servant. My profession is an administrator. I am trying to manage in the best way possible. I have no decision made. If you look at my family and doctors, they want me to quit since the past absolution. But we are after a love “ answered.

Also, Mustafa Cengiz “They are all valuable people, they are all from Galatasaray. We want it to be even more. Because the movement is on the one hand action. It shows that there is dynamism. I hope we want an election on the 26th of December at the latest, because we will not be absent. There is a section that thinks we are resisting so that we do not dismiss. Compete together. We are opening the Er Square “ used expressions.

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